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Robotic Instrument Makes Dry Ice Sing!

What do you get when you put together some wind chimes, a bunch of solenoids, a myRIO and a block of dry ice? Some very cool music!

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Robotic Instrument Makes Dry Ice Sing!

Things used in this project

Hardware components

For more info on components see main body

Software apps and online services

LabVIEW Community Edition
LabVIEW Community Edition
Need myRIO toolkit


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Custom parts and enclosures

CAD model

NX prt file of entire assembly - used to get dimensions for frame


myRIO wiring diagram

Shows how to wire up myRIO to solenoids



Plain text
LabVIEW code for myRIO. Instructions on how to deploy are in steps
No preview (download only).


Leah Edwards

Leah Edwards

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I'm a student studying Mechanical Engineering at Loughborough University. I learnt LabVIEW during my placement at National Instruments.
Thanks to Pete Woodward, Henry Delf-Rowlandson, and Daniel Clapham.


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